Tournament Venue information and directions


The tournament is NOT in DeKalb Illinois.  It is in Sleepy Hollow IL right near Dundee.  SOME MAPS show this as Dundee, so we linked the correct locations below


The tournament is going to be well attended.  Right now we have :

11 mens 15’s

9 mens 7’s

10 womens 15’s

BELOW ARE MAPS links and address’s

Here is a map link to the field Sabatino Park

Here is a map link Sleepy Hollow Elementary School THIS IS WHERE YOU PARK.

These links will work on all Apple devices.


898 Glen Oak Dr for parking

953 Willow Lane for field

Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118-1914

Look forward to seeing all of you.

NIU Rugby

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2015 TOC Information (updated 1-23-15)

Welcome to the 2015 Tournament of Champions. 

Updated 1-23-2015
DATE: April 11, 2015 

We have 3 brackets Men’s 15s, Women’s 15’s and College Men’s 7s. Our bracket will be pool play so everyone will have at least 3 matches. 15’s matches will be 20min halves and 7’s will be standard play.

The tournament will kick off at 9am CST. Check in starts at 8am CST. Every team must have each player sign the required waivers before they are allowed to play. Alcohol is NOT permitted on the tournament grounds. However, alcohol is available at the social.

Information will be updated ASAP. We’re still in the planning stages for much of the event.  

Registration Link above is live and PayPal links are also live.

The location of the tournament, brackets/participants, and details for the social are TBA.
Fee structure is similar to last year:  $300 for a 15s side, $150 for a 7s side.
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Bracket and Other Information for TOC 2014!

Welcome to the 2014 Tournament of Champions.
This year we will host the non-for-profit
We have 3 brackets Men’s 15s, Women’s 15’s and Men’s 7s  please see the attached bracket for start times of all the matches.  Our bracket will be pool play so everyone will have at least 3 matches.  15’s matches will be 20min halves and 7’s will be standard play.
The tournament will kick off at 9am CST. Check in starts at 8am CST at the information table located by the green wall next to field #1.  Every team must have each player sign the required waivers (see attached) before they are allowed to play.  Every player will receive a wrist band for the social that is across the street.  The wrist band will get access to the beer truck.  Alcohol is NOT permitted on the tournament grounds. However, alcohol is available at the social along with food. All proceeds will go to Save-a-Vet.
The social is walking distance from the tournament grounds (right across the street) extra parking is available here as well.
Credit cards can be used to purchase tournament gear, drinks and food.  We will also have the ability to give cash back.
The social will be open starting at Noon selling food and drinks. Drink specials will be available during the tournament.  Players will have free access to beer only AFTER the tournament until the kegs run dry.  Non players will be able to purchase wristbands.  A DJ will be playing all day and all night.
There will be a rugby vendor available on the tournament grounds and at the social.
Location of the tournament grounds:
940 East State Street, Sycamore, IL 60178
Location of the Social:
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15’s Cost of $300 Extended Until 4/12!

the 15’s cost of $300 will not increase to $350 on 3/26 like originally planned for TOC on April 26th, 2014. Instead, we will give teams a slightly longer time period to pay the $300. After 4/12, the cost for 15’s will increase to $350. After 4/19,  registration will be officially CLOSED. Please submit payment at and register your team at

Men will have a 15’s and 7’s division, women will have 15’s only.

This promises to be an excellent weekend of rugby with a fun social afterwards! If you need hotel accommodations, we will be happy to provide you with contact information for nearby hotels.

This tournament is supporting veterans of our military and current military dogs through Save-A-Vet Foundation.  Representatives will be present at the tournament.

See you all at TOC!



Patrick Caulfield

NIU Men’s Rugby President


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TOC 2014 Information UPDATED

Tournament of Champions, April 26th – Save the date!

NIU Men’s Rugby is hosting its 11th Annual Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.) on Saturday, April 26th. However, 2014 will include one big twist… T.O.C. will have 15’s and 7’s divisions!
The 15’s divisions will consist of the following: men’s club, men’s college, and women’s division (open to any team). The 7’s divisions will be divided into men’s competitive (any team) and men’s open (any team).
​Until March 26th, the cost for any 15’s division will be $300! After March 26th, the price will rise to $350. The 7’s fees will remain at $100 for one side from a team, and $75 for each additional team. The entry fee ALSO covers drinks at the social! Normally that would be the best part, but it’s not. Some of the proceeds from this tournament go to the Save-A-Vet foundation, benefitting military working dogs and disabled veterans! For more information, go to Save-A-Vet will also be holding a fundraiser during the tournament.
​If your club is interested in participating, please visit to complete payment, and to register your team. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!
​If you are paying with check, you can send the payment to the address listed below. Also fill out the TOC Registration form listed above with your check number included.
​NIU Men’s Rugby
​1234 University Drive
DeKalb, IL 60115

​In the meantime, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. E-mail Hope to see you all in the spring.

Patrick Caulfield
NIU Men’s Rugby President

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Teams, Social, Map, Facebook Page 2013

Revised TOC Bracket 2013

Join our Facebook page for TOC!


The social will be at Winner circle. There will be camping at Winner Circle just like last year.

Captains meeting will be at the rugby house 147 John Street at 9pm friday the 12th.

Below are teams and divisions.

Tournament of Champions 2013

College Men’s
Northern Illinois University
Lewis University
UW- Lacrosse
Illinois State University
Lake Forest University
Southern Illinois University
Elmhurst College
University of Illinois Chicago

IASCW Shamrocks
Northwest Woodsman
Chicago Blaze
Oconomowoc RFC
Chicago Roosters
Chicago Condors
Rockford Ravens
Illiana Misfits

Northern Illinois University
DePaul University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois Chicago
Purdue University
Western Illinois University
Southern Illinois University
Chicago Sirens
County Will Morrigans
Illinois State University
Notre Dame University
Loyola University
Northwestern University
University of Illinois

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TOC Rules as approved by USA Rugby

Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby pdf  Printable PDF

Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby

Tournament of Champions

hosted by Northern Illinois University Men’s Rugby Club

  1. 1.    Schedule Changes

No requests for schedule changes will be honored once the preliminary tournament schedule is posted. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make schedule changes to accommodate field conditions or no shows. Please review the final schedule on Friday, April 13, 2013 prior to registration at:

2. Eligibility

The NIU Tournament of Champions is an USA Rugby approved/sanctioned tournament.

Each team must comply with applicable eligibility rules ( Each player and coach must be CIPP’d prior to the start of the tournament. Any team fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified and its tournament fee forfeited. A player may compete for only one team in the tournament.

All teams are responsible for their own insurance. In case of accident or injury while traveling to or from and during the tournament, the Northern Illinois University Rugby Club, Northern Illinois University, Sycamore Park District, and their Executive Board, or any teams participating in the tournament, will not be held liable. All teams must provide team medical release forms at registration and have them in their possession at the tournament site during matches (see website for form).

Players may compete for only one team in the tournament.
• All players and coaches must be CIPP’d and associated with USA Rugby.

3. Laws of the Game

All games shall be played in accordance with IRB Laws, except as modified by these rules.

4. Substitutions

Open substitution.
All substitutions must enter from mid-field with the permission of the referee. The referee may disallow substitutions if that request is judged to delay the game.

5. Field and Game Equipment

• No metal cleats will be worn (accept those approved by EPRU guidelines/ IRB laws of the game.).
• No jewelry will be allowed.
• Players are required to wear mouth guards in accordance with IRB Laws of the game.
• Players must wear numbers on the back of their uniforms. Where uniform colors are similar, the designated home team will change colors. Home team is listed first on the schedule.
• No one will be allowed behind the end line except when designated by the referee.
• Players are not allowed to wear hard casts, unless they are prepared in a way to prevent injury to all players, subject to the referee’s discretion.


Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby

Tournament of Champions

hosted by Northern Illinois Men’s Rugby Club

6. Duration of Games

• Saturday game will consist of two 20-minute halves (exception: see item #11/#12), with a three minute break between halves. There are no overtimes.

• Games may be shortened at the sole discretion of the referee or the tournament committee.
• All participating teams should be advised that they must provide a competent touch judge for all games

7. Games and Score Reporting

• Both teams will set up on the same side of the field for the game. Parents and fans will stay on the opposite side of the field.

  • The Field Marshall will ensure the game report cards are properly completed and presented to the referee immediately following 
each game.
  • The Referee will indicate the official score of the game on the card and sign the card. The coach from each team may also sign 
the card.
  • The Referee will record names of players or coaches receiving caution (yellow) or ejection (red) cards and the reason for the 
card on the game report card.
Game report cards are returned to the Tournament Headquarters at the end of the day.

8. Failure to Show and Forfeits

• A team is allowed a 5-minute grace period after scheduled kick-off time to field a team before the match is forfeited. A minimum of thirteen (13) players constitutes a team, and if 13 players are present, the game will not be delayed.

• In no case shall a team which forfeits a game be declared a bracket winner or a wild card team. If an apparent bracket winner forfeits a game, the bracket team with the next best record shall be named the bracket winner.

• A forfeit in the preliminary round shall be awarded three (3) points for the win. For tie-breaking purposes, the score shall be 1-0.

9. Protests: No protests will be entertained






Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby

Tournament of Champions

hosted by Northern Illinois Men’s Rugby Club

10. Conduct

• Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and the laws of the game. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area. Repeated violations may result in a game forfeit or suspension of the team from the tournament as decided by the Tournament Committee.

  • Outside Alcoholic beverages and other illegal substances are not permitted at game sites or on any parking areas.
  • Rugby Code of Conduct must be adhered to – see appendix D

11. Determination of Bracket and Division Winners 
• The following format will be used to determine bracket winners:

Play on Saturday will consist of round robin matches between teams in the same pool. No extra time will be played in pool matches. Competition points will be awarded for these matches on the following basis:

Win = 4 points

Tie = 2 points

Loss = 0 point


Determining Pool Standings

Position in the pool standings shall be determined by competition points as set out above.   However, if at the conclusion of the pool stage two Teams are equal on competition points for any position in the pool, such position in the pool standings will be determined on the result of the Match between the two equal Teams. The Team that won that Match shall finish higher in the pool standings.


If the Match between the two Teams equal on competition points at the end of the pool stage was a tie, then the following process shall be used to determine the pool standings:

1.  Points differential

2.  Tries differential

3.  Points for

4.  Tries for

5.  Coin toss between team managers


Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby

Tournament of Champions

hosted by Northern Illinois Men’s Rugby Club


If at the end of the pool stage more than two Teams are tied on points then the following process shall be used to determine the pool standings:

1.  Points differential

2.  Tries differential

3.  Points for

4.  Tries for

5.  Coin toss between team managers


During the Elimination Matches, in the event of a Match being tied at the end of normal time, extra time will be played until a winner is determined. Extra time will be in periods of five minutes. After each period the Teams will change ends without interval. In extra time the Team which scores first will immediately be declared the winner without further play.


The Team that first kicked off will do so again in the first period of extra time, and subsequent kick-offs will alternate between the two sides.


The duration of Matches, other than the Championship Final, will be 20 minutes each half with a two-minute half time interval. The duration of the Championship Finals will be 20 minutes each half with a three-minute half time interval.




  • A player who receives a red card is expelled from the remainder of the tournament.
  • A player who receives yellow cards in consecutive matches is suspended for his Team’s next Match.

A player who accumulates three yellow cards during the tournament is expelled from the remainder of the tournament.






Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby

Tournament of Champions

hosted by Northern Illinois Men’s Rugby Club

12. Inclement Weather or Other Emergency Situations

The coach will receive safety information at registration. It is the responsibility of the coach to read the information and implement when necessary.

• Please read, share with the team, and adhere to the US Rugby Severe Weather and Lightning Policy – see appendix C.

In the event of inclement weather, unsafe field conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances, the Tournament Committee has the authority to change games as follows:

A. Relocate or reschedule any game(s). B. Change the duration of the game. C. Cancel any game(s).
D. Cancel the tournament.

Games terminated after one half of play because of the weather shall be considered final.

In the event games are cancelled or shortened for any reason, bracket winners will be determined using the point system presented in section 11 of the rules. No awards shall be given unless all teams in a bracket play more than one game.

13. Darkness

Termination of a game due to darkness shall be at the sole discretion of the referee. The referee’s decision shall be final. Games terminated after one half of play because of darkness shall be considered final.

14. Team Contact Person

At registration, each team must inform the registration personnel of their designated contact person and must provide a cell phone number where that person can be reached at any time during the tournament.

15. General

• There will be no registration refunds for partial cancellation of the tournament for any reason. In the event of a full tournament cancellation (no games played), the tournament may consider providing partial refunds of team application fees. In such cases, however, refunds will be taken under consideration by the Board after the event dates and after all tournament costs are covered. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, will the Tournament Committee or the Northern Illinois Men’s RFC, Northern Illinois University or Sycamore Park District be responsible for any expenses (hotel, travel, food for example) incurred by the team.

• The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final.

• The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.

Tournament Rules – NIU Rugby

Tournament of Champions

hosted by Northern Illinois Men’s Rugby Club

Appendix C

Severe Weather & Lightning– General (Venue Specific Policies may over—ride these recommendations)

In an attempt to educate the public about dangers relating to sever weather the National Weather Service has established a multi—level awareness plan.

Level 1 – If you are planning outdoors activities, obtain the weather forecast beforehand. Know your local weather patterns.

Level 2 – If you are planning to be outdoors, identify and stay within traveling range of a proper shelter. Employ the “30—30 Rule” to know when to seek a safer location. The “30—30 Rule” states that when you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, go immediately to a safer place. If you can’t see the lightning, just hearing the thunder means lightning is likely within striking range. After the storm has apparently dissipated or moved on, wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving the safer location.

Level 3 – When lightning strikes, go to a safer location. Do not hesitate. What is a safer location? The safest place commonly available during a lightning storm is a large, fully enclosed substantially constructed building. Substantial construction also implies the building has wiring and plumbing, which can conduct lightning current safely to ground. Once inside, stay away from corded telephones, electrical appliances, lighting fixture, microphones, electric sockets and plumbing. Inner rooms are generally preferable from a safety viewpoint.

If you can’t reach a substantial building, an enclosed vehicle with a sold metal roof and metal sides is a reasonable second choice. Close the windows, lean away from the door, put your hands in your lap and don’t touch the steering wheel, ignition, gear shifter or radio. Convertibles, cars with fiberglass or plastic shells, and open framed vehicles are not suitable lightning shelters.

Level 4 – If you cannot flee to a safer location, take action to minimize the threat of being stuck. Proceed from higher to lower elevations. Avoid wide—open areas, including sports fields. Avoid tall, isolated objects like trees, poles, and light posts. Do not consider unprotected open structures such as picnic pavilions, rain shelters and bus stops. Avoid contact with metal fences, metal bleachers, or other metal structures.

Level 5 – If circumstances or a series of bad decisions have found you outside of a shelter, far removed from a safer place when lightning is occurring, there are still measures to be taken. Put your feet together, squat down, tuck your head, and cover your ears. When the immediate threat of lightning has passed, continue heading to the safest place possible.

Level 6 – If the worst happens, there are key Lightning First Aid guidelines. First, if at all possible, call “9-1-1” immediately. Since all deaths from lightning strikes result from cardiac arrest and/or stopped breathing, begin treatment as soon as possible. CPR or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is the recommended first aid, respectively.

The threat of injury due to a lightning strike is very prevalent. We unfortunately cannot control the
weather, however can decrease the possibility of injury through education and proper precautions. By understanding and utilizing the five levels identified in the National Weather Service plan we can be assured that our teams are safe at all USA RUGBY events.

Lightning Safety Education Resources — National Weather Service National Lightning Safety Institute


Appendix D


All Unions, Associations, Rugby Bodies, Clubs and Persons:

1. must ensure that the Game is played and conducted in accordance with disciplined and sporting 
behavior and acknowledge that it is not sufficient to rely solely upon the Match Officials to 
maintain those principles;

2. shall co—operate in ensuring that the spirit of the Laws of the Game are upheld and refrain from 
selecting players guilty of foul play;

3. shall not repeatedly breach the Laws of the Game;

4. shall accept and observe the authority and decisions of referees, touch judges, Match Officials and 
all other rugby disciplinary bodies, subject to Regulation 17;

5. shall not publish or cause to be published criticism of the manner in which a referee or touch 
judge handled a Match;

6. shall not publish or cause to be published criticism of the manner in which Council or any other 
rugby disciplinary body handled or resolved any dispute or disciplinary matter resulting from a 
breach of the Bye—Laws, Regulations, or Laws of the Game;

7. shall not engage in any conduct or any activity on or off the field that may impair public 
confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of a Match, tour, tournament or Series of Matches (including, but not limited to, the supply of information in relation to the Game, directly or indirectly, to bookmakers or to persons who may use such information to their advantage) or in the integrity and good character of any Person;

8. shall not commit a breach of Regulation 6 (Wagering);

9. shall promote the reputation of the Game and take all possible steps to prevent it from being 
brought into disrepute;

10. shall not commit an anti—doping rule violation as defined in Regulation 21;

11. shall not abuse, threaten or intimidate a referee, touch judge or other Match Official, whether on 
or off the field of play;

12. shall not use crude or abusive language or gestures towards referees, touch judges or other Match 
Officials or spectators;

13. shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against 
any other Person on the ground of their religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, color or national or 
ethnic origin;

14. shall not do anything which adversely affects the Game of Rugby Football, the Board, any member 
Union or Association or any commercial partner of the Game. Each Union and Association is under an obligation to comply with and to ensure that each of its members comply with this Code of Conduct and adopt procedures to monitor compliance with and impose sanctions for breaches of the Code of Conduct by Persons under its jurisdiction.


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